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o5h, x, kq5, hv, 6, c0w, v, 8lc, h, d, dhq, cyq, 9, f9v, 76m, 3z, mte, 1, 4, Nassau Jeep Adventures – Why settle for tour, when you can have an ADVENTURE?


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All Aboard the Funky Nassau Tour!

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Taste of The Bahamas

Bahamian food samples.

Bush Tea Experience

Enjoy Native Bahamian Teas!

Rum Tasting

Rum Distillery Tour!

Pop Culture

Historical Tour

Junkanoo Experience

Experience Bahamian Culture!

Custom Jeep

Open Air Tour

Trip Advisor Reviews

Here's what our customers have to say about The Funky Nassau Tour:

  •   Mathew picked us up at our hotel and took us on an amazing tour! We stopped and tried some Rum Cake, then went to several other stops including visiting... read more

  •   Did this tour July 25th and it was awesome. Our tour guide Leon was very informative, full of energy and had us laughing the whole time. Queens Staircase, Tasty tea(what... read more

  •   This tour was very fun!! We had a lot of laughs and an authentic Bahamain experience. Even with the rain, or what they call "liquid sunshine", we all still had... read more

  •   We had been at our resort for 4 days and were ready to see more of Nassau. Leon picked us up on time and took us around to all the... read more

  •   We had a great time taking a jeep ride around Nassau. Would recommend this tour when visiting the area. It did end of raining so we didn't get the full... read more

  •   Temar was amazing and our whole family thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the Bahamian culture over 3 hours of fun. Our kids are 9 and 6 and had a great time!

  •   We had a great time on this jeep tour. Fun & informative, Leon was our driver/guide, he was the BEST! Highly recommend this tour.



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